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Handheld Thermal Imager

Thermal Imager

Part of the Uniview Heat-Tracker series, the UTi165H/K/85H+ is a handheld thermal imager. The imager is able to measure temperature with accuracy up to ±0.5°C, for up to 15 people per minute. The system triggers an alarm when it detects an abnormal temperature, either too high or too low. The use of this thermal imager can help in many establishments like schools, offices, medical, dental practices, hotels, retail and many more.

Handheld Thermal Imager details.

– Center temperature measurement, with up to 3 additional measuring points can be added
– Display of infrared thermal imaging with temperature with 5 different palettes (7 palettes with UTi165K model) to choose from
– Screen up to 15 people per minute
– Connect to PC with USB-C cable and software to analyse the pictures
– Connect to PC with USB-C cable to live view project to computer screen (only with UTi165K model)
– Support to take pictures and store onto MicroSD card (16GB card supplied)
– Blend visible light camera and thermal camera together (only with UTi165K model)
– Works for up to 6 hours wirelessly, with the built-in Li-ion 3.7V/5000mAh 26650 battery

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