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4-Channel NVR 6MP

Network Video Recoder

Part of the UNV professional range, this NVR (Network Video Recorder) has HD recording and playback of all channels. It includes a user friendly mouse driven interface with full remote network and mobile phone access. The NVR can auto detect ONVIF compatible IP cameras; it can support up to 6MP IP cameras and includes 4 POE ports to power POE cameras locally.

4 Channel NVR 6MP details.

– 4 Channel Video & Audio
– Plug & Play 4 Port POE
– Supports up to 6MP IP Cameras
– Bandwidth IN: 40Mbps, OUT: 40Mbps
– HDMI & VGA Output
– VCA with Compatible Cameras (see Special Features)
– ONVIF Compliance (Profiles S, G, T)
– Supports H.264, H.265 or Ultra265
– ANR Technology to Enhance Storage (see Special Features)
– Mac Compatible
– Compatible with Sentinel Remote Monitoring


Special Features.

ANR is a feature which allows a camera to record to an onboard MicroSD card, if it loses connection with the NVR. Once the connection has been re-established, the footage is transferred to the NVR. This feature requires ANR support from the camera and NVR.

The feature requires VCA support from the camera and NVR. This NVR has the capability to do the following:
Intrusion Detection – Entering and loitering in a pre-defined virtual region
Line Crossing – Detect when a pre-defined virtual line has been crossed
Motion Detection – Movement within a pre-defined virtual region
Recognition – Face and audio detection
Tamper Identification – Detect when the camera has been phyiscally tampered with
Statistical Analysis – People counting

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