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A New Era
for Security

Protect and secure your property in style

By choosing ANE, you get a personalised, professional service that tailors to your exact needs providing optimum protection. Our cameras and security products are available in black and white to suit your environment, protecting your property in style. Alongside our official partners AJAX and UNV, we will keep you and your home or business safe. ANE specialises in advanced security technologies including: Wireless security systems and  IP video surveillance. Protecting you in all scenarios from intrusions and break-ins to virus detection and prevention, fires and pipe leaks. All of this controlled straight from your phone/tablet or PC. 


  • Wireless security systems (No worries No Wires)
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass breaker protection
  • Fire protection
  • Flood protection
  • Carbon monoxide protection
  • Panic buttons
  • Home automation


  • Temperature screening solutions (COVID-19)
  • 4K systems (Ultra HD Surveillance)
  • StarView cameras (Colour Night Vision)
  • 4-64 camera network video recorders
  • Video Doorbell systems